Crack the lock. Beat the clock.

What is an Escape room 

Lutz Escape Rooms is a fun, interactive entertainment concept located in Lutz, Florida  A group of XYX participants are placed in a themed room and have 60 minutes to work together to discover hidden objects, gather clues, and solve puzzles to find the key to escape.  It is a real life adventure game that is perfect for a date night or a small group of friends, family, or co-workers.

Escape room “Stuck in the 70’s”


Platform shoes…Black-lights…Disco Shoes…oh what a Sight! 

Everyone wants to get out of the 70’s, or do they? 

You and your team have travelled back in time and now

have 60 minutes to go “Back to the Future”. 

Discover clues with the help of

Farah Fawcett, John Travolta, Marlon Brando and more..

Escape room “There’s something in the Woods”

“Not recommended for first time gamers”.

“Deep in the Woods, the campfire aglow
Surrounded by darkness, where do you go?
Hidden in the forest the Witch lives alone
Except for her dog, whose name just happens to be “Bones”.
Lost in darkness, one has fears –
How in the world do we get out of here?
Follow the clues, (not just one will do),
But remember, it might just be only up to you!
How many clues will it take
To help you and your team make your final ESCAPE?”

Escape room “LO$T VEGAS”

After a string of luck at the Casino’s poker table, you’ve all been invited to join “a real game” that’s happening in Suite 1010.

After playing just a few hands of poker, your pockets are just about empty and you have one chance to get your winnings back!

Can you beat the odds before your money gets put into the wall safe and is forever lost???

Bring you team to beat the house odds!!